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We started Thuis in Amsterdam because we noticed that there is a need for a language school that focuses on practice and integration into Dutch society. The international character of Amsterdam is a great attraction for people from all over the world. This is one of the greatest benefits of living in Amsterdam! However, as a result, learning Dutch is not always one of the main priorities. We want to show you that it is worthwile, fun and will also make you feel more at home in Amsterdam.

The distinctive character of our lessons lies in our interactive classes with focus on practice and integration into Dutch society.  Speaking Dutch is emphasized to make sure you get comfortable speaking Dutch outside of class. Besides this, we like to focus on your personal situation. Do you want to speak Dutch with your colleagues? Feel comfortable writing e-mails in Dutch? Prepare yourself for het inburgeringsexamen?  We work in small groups (max. 6-9 students) to make sure there's time and attention for your personal goals. In this way, we make sure that learning Dutch becomes practical and will become a means to find your way here, to get to know Dutch people and most importantly: to feel at home! 

We encourage you to use Dutch outside of class, up to the level that you may send us a message if you are insecure about how to say/intepret something in Dutch. Besides this we have a monthly activity for all students and meetings with Dutch people, where you can put your newly learned skills to practice.


Our classrooms are located in Ru Paré. This beautiful building used to be an elementary school. Now it is a thriving community centre with lots of entrepreneurs, artists and social iniciatives. Both during the day as during the evening there are events for local residents and anyone interested. Click here to read more about Ru Paré and the activities. 

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