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Who are we?

The Team


Nadine Adriaansens

Founder & Teacher 

When I just moved to Amsterdam I wanted to meet new people so I became a language buddy of someone who was learning Dutch. I noticed how important it is to speak and understand the language to feel at home in a new country. Now that I am a teacher I really enjoy getting to know so many students from different countries and seeing how students learn the language in their own way. I love to be a part of this!

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Max Slagboom 

Founder & Teacher 

 I teach Dutch because I like helping people improving their/getting to know Dutch. I had to learn other languages while living abroad for a couple of years, so I sympathize a lot with my students. I love social interaction in general, and consequently I learn something new from my students each class. That’s fantastic!

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Max Vlugt 

Founder & Teacher 

I can remember my first dutch class as a teacher very clearly. At that time I only did private classes at people’s houses. I loved to cycle across Amsterdam and to visit students at different parts of the city.
What I liked and still like about teaching is that you can really connect with students. Sometimes you stick together for quite a while, so at some point you really get to know each other which makes the learning/teaching process even more fun and fruitful. I tend to create a relaxed environment in class in which students are motivated to use Dutch and to feel (more) at home.

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Darren Rijsdijk 

Founder & Teacher 

During my studies I started as a buddy for international students. It was a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and I had a wonderful time showing them around Amsterdam, whilst teaching them some Dutch.
This experience definitely laid the foundation for me to become a Dutch teacher.
My classes in general are interactive, energetic & spontaneous and I encourage my students to use Dutch as much as possible, especially outside of the classroom!

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Thuis In Amsterdam
Chris Lebeaustraat 4 (Ru Paré)
1062 DC  Amsterdam

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