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Dutch courses for companies


Would you like to offer your employees a Dutch course or Dutch language training? Get in touch considering your wishes and we happily make a specially designed plan for your company and employees. We offer courses for both general language learning, as well as specific work-related Dutch.

When your employees have approximately the same level of Dutch, we can acommodate an in-company course. Are your employees on different levels of Dutch? Than it would be easier to acommodate your students in a regular group course or offer private classes. Unsure of the level of your employees? Send us a message, and we will happily assess their levels and needs.


Depending on your wishes (min. 10 classes for a custom-made course)


Inform for prices. Cost depending on number of students and classes 

Start dates

Depending on your preference, daytime classes are easier to acommodate in general 

Recommended start level 


In-company, at our school or online

None. We recommend starting groups with (approximately) the same level of Dutch. Students that can't be acommodated in a company course can join a regular group course 

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